Referral Rewards Program To Benefit Local Charities

We are excited to announce our referral rewards program! The greatest compliment we can ever receive is when you refer your friends or family to our agency. We have always known this and have always sought to earn your referrals.

Whenever you refer someone to our agency for a quote, we will send you a $10 Martin’s gift card. In addition, we will add $10 for to our charity of the month. Each month we will rotate our “Charity of the Month”. Then at the end of the month, we will add up all of the referrals we received that month and send a check to that charity. There is no limit to the amount of referrals you can send us.

Here are the charities that we choose to support with our referral rewards program with a little information about each one.

The first one on our list is…


What They Do

The Women’s Care Center “provides compassionate care, support, and education for women and families facing pregnancies of any kind”. They serve women at twenty-five locations in eight different states. Fifteen of those locations are here in Indiana, with four of them in the South Bend-Mishawaka area and another one in Elkhart. They are now the largest, most successful pregnancy resource center in America.

Women find The Women’s Care Center primarily through word-of-mouth referrals. They provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. The Women’s Care Center also provides counseling to pregnant women in need to show them there is an alternative to ending their pregnancy. They believe that their commitment to women means service that is continuous for months and years, for as long as is needed for each individual woman.

In addition to those services, they also provide parenting classes, self-sufficiency training, a crib club, which rewards participation in classes with cribs, diaper, and other baby items, as well as a book program to provide books to poor families that may not be able to purchase them themselves.

Praise For The Women’s Care Center

 We believe that the Women’s Care Center provides an invaluable service to our community, but don’t just take our word for it. See what others have to say about them:
“Women’s Care Center has saved more lives than any pro-life organization in the country” – Bishop John D’Arcy, Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
“The great thing about Women’s Care Center is that they don’t judge people. They genuinely care about them.” – Lou Holtz, legendary Notre Dame Football Coach
“My wife Shelley and I are excited to be part of the Women’s Care Center family and their mission to help moms and babies” – Urban Meyer – Ohio State Football Coach
We will designate our donations to the Women’s Care Center for the center located at 607 Lincolnway West in Mishawaka, IN.
Our next charity is…


History of Hannah’s House

Hannah’s House in Mishawaka began in 1993. It is a shelter in Mishawaka that opens its doors to serve unwed teen mothers who are facing crisis pregnancies. They can house up to seven mothers at a time. The average woman that they serve is 22 years old and they stay in the home for an average of about four months. They typically help between 25-35 women annually. They have housed women ranging from 13 years old up to 43.

The need for such a safe place for young pregnant women to live was first recognized by staff from the Women’s Care Center. The Women’s Care Center was part of the joint project to start Hannah’s House, along with Bethel College, the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, and Saint Joseph Hospital in Mishawaka.

What They Do

In addition to providing a place to stay, Hannah’s House will help connect their residents with community resources. They provide weekly individual and group counseling services, which the residents are required to attend. The home also requires the residents to get a job, if medically possible, and to be enrolled in school or a GED program if they haven’t already graduated. Residents are required to attend regular prenatal and postnatal appointments, be drug free, follow through with all doctors’ orders, and make positive choices regarding nutrition and health. Hannah’s House also offers an opportunity for residents to earn points each week based on behaviors and progress on personal goals. These points can be used to purchase items for her and her baby, such as baby clothes and items for an apartment.

How They Are Funded

Hannah’s House is funded solely by private donations and receives no government funding. They also depend on volunteers to assist with many day-to-day tasks, as well as big project. Examples of some volunteer opportunities to help them would be answering the telephone, secretarial assistance, instructors on simple crafts and scrapbooking, maintenance, and seasonal lawn care. They provide volunteer training once a month.

And that brings us to our third and final charity…


Ryan’s Place in Goshen, IN, was one of those charities that was given on my facebook page that I hadn’t heard of before. However, after doing some research on this charity, it is one that we want to support.

Ryan’s Place works with grieving kids, teens, adults, and families. There are support groups as well as one on one therapy. Volunteers also lead groups for kids at multiple schools in the area, for children whose parents can’t take them to a support group. All of the services are free and groups are led by volunteers.

History Of Ryan’s Place

The concept for an area grief center was identified by therapists Don and Eunice Munn as they attempted to counsel grieving families. The movement for a children’s grief center in the community started in April, 1999. Now, Ryan’s Place provides children, teens and their families with a safe, supportive environment where they can share their experiences of death.

What They Do

The goal of Ryan’s Place is to provide a support to those experiencing grief to the death of a loved one. This can be from a parent’s or friends death for any reason, including suicide or natural causes. They also can help parents grieving from the loss of a child, including those who may lose a child due to a miscarriage.

There are only a few grief centers in all of Indiana.  Since opening in January 2002, they have served more than 7,000 individuals. They now serve over 500 people each year. Ryan’s Place does not charge any fees to anyone who takes advantage of their services. They rely entirely on private contributions and volunteers.

How To Earn Your Referral Rewards

We make it easy to earn referral rewards here. We ask every person that calls how they heard about us. Everyone tells us how they found out. If they mention your name, you will receive your referral reward. There is also a link at the bottom here in which you can enter any referrals. You can enter your name along with your friend or family member’s name and phone number. We will reach out to them and if they allow us to quote their home or auto insurance, you will receive your referral reward from that as well. You will receive your gift card shortly after we receive the referral. You will also be entered into the quarterly and the annual prize drawings.

The donation to the charities will be sent out monthly. We will update you monthly on our facebook page as to how much we are sending each month to the charity of the month. So, be sure to like us on Facebook by going to and clicking on the “like” button.

If you are interested in learning any more about any of the charities that we are supporting in our new referral rewards program, just visit any of their links below.

Women’s Care Center

Hannah’s House

Ryan’s Place

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