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Buying insurance in South Bend, Mishawaka, and Granger, Indiana can be just as simple or as complicated as you make it. The fact is that buying more than one type of insurance -- for example, auto and home insurance -- at one time can get slightly confusing if you don't do some smart planning and compare prices. Fortunately, an independent agency like Pilot Insurance Agency can help you get quotes from leading homeowners and auto insurance providers over the Internet.

Indiana Auto Insurance

Your auto insurance quote will vary depending upon the coverage you want and need. Your agent will normally tell you that obtaining all three types of coverage -- liability, collision, and comprehensive -- is important because you want to not only protect other people on the road but also protect yourself from losses and damages. If you only get liability (the minimum legal requirement) then you will be allowing yourself to be open to a huge loss if your car were to be damaged in an accident that you were liable or had a portion of the liability for. By having collision and comprehensive your repair bills for the car, replacement costs for the car (if necessary in a car that is totaled out), and your own medical bills resulting from an accident will be paid for.

Indiana Home Insurance

Home insurance is not only required by nearly all home loan providers, but it is just a smart way to protect your home and its contents. Whether you rent the place you live or you are buying it, your personal items are worth a lot of money and would be expensive to replace. Homeowners insurance allows you to have the money needed to get replacement items if needed. If you are a homeowner, it can also rebuild or repair your home if it is damaged or destroyed by natural causes.

When you ask for an online policy quote, you may be able to request information on both home and auto insurance at one time. In fact, with companies like the Pilot Insurance Agency you may just get a discount for having multiple policies through the same carrier!

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